Rhinebeck 2015

This past weekend was Rhinebeck weekend, or, officially, the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. Crafters from all over descended upon the beautiful village of Rhinebeck for yarn and fibre shopping and this was my second year in attendance. Since I am still breastfeeding the baby, my very generous husband offered to drive down with me so that I could still attend Rhinebeck with my knitting group. I missed it last year due to having a newborn! The drive is about 6-7 hours from Ottawa plus time for stops and lunch, so his generosity was hugely appreciated!

My knitting group likes to line up early to run for the Jennie the Potter mugs (yes, run), but I don’t mind. The fall colours are gorgeous and everyone’s just so excited to be at this annual festival. All the early birds are usually clad in woolly sweaters, hats, mitts, etc. and much of the line-up is spent chatting about knitting designers and “what-yarn-is-that” and our mutual love of Miss Babs. My Rhinebeck sweater this year was Twigs and Willows from Botanical Knits in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, which I purchased from Rhinebeck 2013. It was a bit chilly this year and I wish I had brought a toque! I didn’t join my friends in the Jennie the Potter line-up and instead made my way to O-Wool, which is hard to find in Canada.

Aren’t the fall colours gorgeous? The festival is so picturesque. I took these photos earlier in the morning, but later in the day there were so many more people! Over 40,000 people pass through the gates over the weekend so it gets pretty crowded. There are some vendors that get huge line-ups (Miss Babs, I’m looking at you) but us crazy knitters who will stand in line for yarn do exist, seemingly in the hundreds.

Since I had just purchased a new sewing machine and lots of fabric, I set my budget for this year slightly lower than those of my knitting group members’. Since we have to cross the border, our budget is usually the limit that they’ll allow us to take back into the country! (Look it up, because I don’t want to admit how much it is.) The fun part of every road trip home from Rhinebeck is comparing notes on how the border guards react to how much money we’ve spent on yarn.

Here’s my stash versus my husband’s. As you can see, two very different interests in this family. I ended up with two gradient sets from Miss Babs and Fibre Optic Yarns. I also purchased my very first skeins from Into the Whirled, in the colourways 221B and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey. And I also have enough for two O-Wool sweaters. My husband picked up some great craft beer from the area and several bottles of Lagunitas Sucks, which even I think is an amazing beer.

It was a wonderful weekend, and I’m already planning to head back next year with a friend. Think of all the knitting I have ahead of me!


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