Fancy Fox update

I went to my fourth and final class for the Fancy Fox quilt on Wednesday, and I actually managed to get a bit of quilting done!

Although the twin size quilt needs 80 foxes, I made 68 and called it a day/few weeks. My quilt will have 64 foxes on the front in an 8×8 arrangement, and the remaining 4 foxes are pieced together on the quilt backing for fun.

Here they are all laid out and ready for piecing.

So cute and colourful, aren’t they?

And the piecing is complete!

You only get the back view, of course. You’ll see the full quilt when it’s complete! It could be awhile, since I don’t actually have a walking foot for my machine at home, and I’m still deciding on what kind of new sewing machine I’d like to get. But there’s no rush on the Fancy Fox. It will be worth it when it’s finished!


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